Saturday, 10 September 2016

Getting clossr

Been doing more repairs to the van.
Replaced the front brake pads.
Noticed that the outer CV boot gaiter has split, so got one this morning from Chichester
Another job for next week
Boxing up all that is left of the house clearance items that we have acquired over the last few months.
Taking it to the charity shops as we haven't got enough to do another booty.
We've also picked up the last of the paint to take back with us
Pencilling in a few jobs to do when we get back.
Rendering the back wall in the kitchen, then a full costing of the Bulmaster over the walls in the kitchen and the front room, ready to allow the painting after.
Had a couple of enquiries for the lodge to let out.,but we have declined, as the lodge has been closed  since Oct 31st 2015.
It was drained down of all water, due to the cold temps during winter.
We have decided to stay between 6 and 8 weeks this trip, and to drive back to the UK hopefully before the snow hits.
Draining the old house down fully this year as rumours again of a harsh winter are flying about.
So we are both excited about being back in Stanevo, having a beer with Vlad in the local bars
The road trip, IS a proper road trip, taking approx ,3 days for us
It can be completed in less, but if you have no time restrictions you may as well enjoy the scenery!
Hoping to take a few more photos on the way back and add them to here.