Sunday, 21 August 2016

So, we are driving back to Stanevo at the end of September.
Staying for a few weeks.
A few jobs to do around the place...
Will be winterising the house, as there are reports of it being a bad winter this year?
Draining down the water.
PT the cat will be coming with us, and her passport.
Busy booking the Eurotunnel and a couple of places via Airbnb to stay on the journey back.
Rebooking the same place in Hungary as we did in November last year.
It was a really good place with a nice supper.
Eva was allowed in the house too!
Got one last boot fair to do, going to fire up the Sweet like Facebook page and get some more orders.
Well probably do a Saturday market, for customers to collect their stuff
We have done Vidin in the past
Maybe we'll have a go at Lom this year
Not sure if we'll be able to supply chocolate due to the high temperatures.
To save keeping loads of items we supply to order.
We do keep a few things extra but not too many!


  1. Hi, have just read your blog from the beginning. Really interesting reading. Are you living in Bulgaria permanently are you going back and forth between Bulgaria and the U.K.? Hope you post more and show more pictures of all the work you have done to the houses and land!!

  2. Thanks for your comment
    I have replied via email

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