Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Counting down the days!

Under a month to go until we start our drive back to Stanevo
New tyres on the van and a good spare
Oil and filter changed along with the AC cabin filter.
New cage bought for Eva.
Channel tunnel booked, Hotel in Germany for the first night, Airbnb in Hungary for the 2nd night and 15 day European breakdown cover all booked.
Breakdown cover booked via my agent in Bulgaria Hristo, who also insures our van.
Breakdown cover worked out at just £12 for the 15 days as we have an insurance  policy already with him.
Have bought a Karcher K2 pressure washer to take back.
I've been doing a few last minute tip runs for people here via the local Facebook pages for the area.
Off to the boot fair on the upcoming Saturday.
Also kick-started the Sweet Like Bulgaria page back up on Facebook.
As we will be driving back, we can take items back.
We are keeping away from the chocolate items due to unforeseen temperatures.
So it's time to start writing lists of things to take back and jobs to do over there
My back is starting to ache a bit, due to the temperature changes slowly creeping in, hopefully the climate change will help, it usually does
Speak soon !

Sunday, 21 August 2016

So, we are driving back to Stanevo at the end of September.
Staying for a few weeks.
A few jobs to do around the place...
Will be winterising the house, as there are reports of it being a bad winter this year?
Draining down the water.
PT the cat will be coming with us, and her passport.
Busy booking the Eurotunnel and a couple of places via Airbnb to stay on the journey back.
Rebooking the same place in Hungary as we did in November last year.
It was a really good place with a nice supper.
Eva was allowed in the house too!
Got one last boot fair to do, going to fire up the Sweet like Facebook page and get some more orders.
Well probably do a Saturday market, for customers to collect their stuff
We have done Vidin in the past
Maybe we'll have a go at Lom this year
Not sure if we'll be able to supply chocolate due to the high temperatures.
To save keeping loads of items we supply to order.
We do keep a few things extra but not too many!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

August 2016

We drove to the UK in November 2015 with Eva the cat in a crate in the van.

The 3 day trip went OK.
We stayed in an Airbnb place in Hungary and in Germany.
We are in Selsey in West Sussex with Sue's mum and dad.
Sue started work within a few days with a company she worked with before we left in 2012.
My search for a job took a bit longer!
I did work for a few months but it didnt really work out.
I went back to Stanevo with Steve Fester Weller in February for a few days.

Then back in April with Sue and again in June, which was a total surprise as she had arranged it for my 54th birthday without me knowing.
We should be driving back at the end of September for approximately 2 months and yes Eva will be coming with us !
I've fitted new tyres on the van, just oil, filter to do.
I replaced the pollen ( Cab ) filter last week, it was the original one and had 2006 stamped on it which was the build date for the van !
The front brakes are maybe getting a bit low, so maybe another thing to do.
I drive quite sensibly, after owning the Caddy for 6 or 7 years, I haven't replaced any brakes so far!
So, we'll be back soon
I am going to fire up the Sweet like Facebook page and get some more orders happening , although I'm not sure chocolate will be on the orders.
More to follow.....👍