Friday, 12 December 2014

December already and we have had snow!!

So it's December already, snow has been and today it's melting.

Last year we had snow on the night we drove down to Sofia airport, for our flight back to the UK for a few days.
It was weird having a Xmas day and dinner at the beginning of the month?
So, we have been busy as usual, putting the 1st layer of material on our home made sofa.
Using the newly acquired staple gun.
We took our time and it looks pretty good, with no staples showing anywhere.

The roofs on both houses are good now, with the lodge one needing a few small tweeks in the spring.
We have been watching quite a few films thanks to someone I can't mention for obvious reasons!
I have been puttying the windows up as it seemed they had been left for years, and the draughts coming through were unreal!
I chose real linseed oil putty because it looked better and was cheaper than using a silicone replacement.
The Bulgarian packs worked out at just 1 Lev a kilo pack, about 45p !!!

We were caught out last year with the weather as it just seemed to change overnight.
We have sealed up the house windows  with the polythene sheet as we did last year, but this year we used the new staple gun which was a lot easier.
Then pushed over the top of the sheet, used 50mm polystyrene insulation boards.
Some come out during the day, for a bit of light!
There were some left over from last year, so we sealed the unused half of the front door.
This has made a massive difference.
Every door has its own long draped curtain.
Broke a record in the front room the other night and  achieved 23 degrees Celsius.....
So there we have out latest instalment, food has been grown, frozen, jarred, bought & stored.

Logs have been felled & logged & stored, ready for the winter, which according to a few is promising to be a bad one ?
Sue has been busily putting up Christmas decorations all over the place.

Will try to keep blogging more frequent.
Thanks to all of our readers
Paul & Sue.