Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Making a sofa & a storms a brewing !


I know, I know it's been ages since I wrote but we have both been so busy.
It's the day before my 52nd birthday.
What an eventful day.
I carried on building the sofa for our front room.
We bought a second hand pine frame with a really good bed base (springs etc) and then built a bespoke frame to carry it in.

We had bought two packs of coach bolts from the UK, so I incorporated them into the frame design and they work really well.

Into the 3rd day now, but just needs the fancy stuff doing now.
A job for Sue.....

Can't say I have ever built a sofa before, but it is built quite substantially .

I fancied a spot of fishing down the Danube, as it seemed a nice day and very hot. I commented to Sue that the sky looked a little bit grey.
So I drove the Caddy down the dry dusty track to get to the Danube.

I got down there, set up my two rods and sat in the lovely sunshine, tapping off the occasional mosquito.
It has been really hot today.
I looked to my left and saw the storm was approaching down the Danube from the direction of Lom. Within seconds, there was thunder and lightning...torrential rain that then turned into hailstones. Romania, which is over the other side of the river had totally disappeared.
I can honestly say that I have never experienced a place change so quickly !
I huddled up behind a small brick building that is on the river bank.
Then the centre of the storm passed and it was very strong... I decided it was time to get back to the house and see if we had any damage.
The track back to Stanevo was like a river, as so much rain had dropped in such a small time.
There were branches that had fallen from trees all over the place and the roads were all steaming.
Sue was still in the lodge cleaning ready for the in-laws visit tomorrow.
She said to come into the lodge as there was something that she wanted to show me.
During the storm, the large tree above the chicken house had lost a large branch, and it had dropped away and was now propped up against the roof.

We think it was the wind that had broken it.
That will be a little job tomorrow, some free wood for the wood burner in the winter.
The garden seems to have remained intact, good job that we tied the tomatoes up the other day.
Just the beans to stake out, saying that , I picked our first crop yesterday and we had them as part of our supper last night.
They are amazing if you stir fry them in garlic infused olive oil...
I'm thinking of washing the van and also Steve's Focus, as the sun isn't out and now seems a good time to wash them...
I am going to try and update as  much as possible now as we know that we have a few fans who like to know what we are up to.
Car and van washed !
Cheers Fuzz and Sue.