Saturday, 25 January 2014

1st snow of 2014

Well it may be exactly 1 month late, but we have snow.
The log burner in the front room & the invaluable range in the kitchen are both alight & working well.
We bought the log burner with us from the UK & had doubts about its output , as Vlad had said that it was too small..
Pretty sure the sales blurb stated 6 kw.
It warms itself up great & then pumps it out into the room & the rest of the house. but
We intended to make secondary windows inside the originals, as the ones that had been used were missing, probably reused somewhere.
Instead we lined the windows internally with thick PVC polythene sheet, held in place with acrylic sealant & nails !
We have bought 2" thick insulation panels & cut them to size, so when the sun goes in we pop them into the frames.
The bedroom ones are in place permanently, with acrylic sealer between.
Logs are everywhere to avoid having to get them in through the snow.
We have more food in the house than the local shop has on the shelves.
Just off to make 4 x loaves of bread....
Tractor was about earlier clearing the roads, although I don't think well be going anywhere for a few days.