Monday, 30 December 2013

Eight months

We we've been here roughly 8 months now.
Its the end of 2013, & we are keeping warm & fed.
It has been hard, finding new skills, but the locals have been great especially Vlad & also Marta from the shop.
We have been told that so far it has been a very mild winter.
Chopping & splitting logs ready to store them seems the norm, so we are going with the flow.
Night for now


Monday, 23 December 2013

We're back.

It's been a while, I know.
It's December 23rd, Sue is in the new kitchen baking some dark chocolate and cherry cookies.
We are now living in the "old" house.

We moved in while our guests were staying in the lodge when they visited us.
The lodge as it has been named is nearly completed with just a few small jobs when the weather clears up in the spring .
I have drained down all of the water from the boiler and pipes and taps.
All of the pipe work is PVC and a bit more forgiving with the cold weather.

Back to the old house.
So, we have a front room with a log burner that we brought from the UK in April.

Our tv and DVD player.
No satellite tv yet.
We have only recently set the tv up as we have had full working days.
The wet room is finished apart from the window and door needing to be refurbished.

Kitchen is installed with new wiring, ( still waiting for the mcb box to be fitted ) by me after Xmas.!

A few days off for our 1st Christmas in Bulgaria.
It seems very low key and definitely low key compared to the UK, and to be honest it's quite nice !
One thing we don't miss is everyone rushing about trying to get the last things off the supermarket shelves !
They are only closed for one day !
We woke up on Saturday morning to minus 7 degrees.
We popped into Lom for some final bits of food etc.
We have shops here in the village but they are a tad sparse, even this time of the year.
The closest to us, is about 50 paces....